It's really very easy to manage invoices for customers with a fleet of vehicles using these instructions

Step 1
: When a fleet owned vehicle arrives, you complete the estimate, work order and invoicing as you normally do.

  • However, before invoicing, click on Shipping Slip (bottom center) which will print an invoice but without any prices or amounts,
  • Have the customer’s employee sign the Shipping Slip when he picks up the vehicle as proof that he/she has picked up the vehicle,
  • Click on invoice and enter the amount in Account Receivable,
  • Then click on the $ icon (Invoice without printing),
  • If for any reason you need to print the invoice, you can always go back and print the invoice and attach a copy of the signed Shipping Slip and submit to your customer.

Step 2: Print and send the monthly statements to your customers with or without a copy of the signed shipping slip.