Simple National account procedure

  • Create GL for National Account in the type "Active" for supplier credit to come, FAQ...
  • Create a payment mode to be able to close your invoice... FAQ
  • Enter your purchases of tire
    • via the Purchase module - see FAQ...
    • via the supplier invoice entry from the Point of Sale,
  • Sell tires to a national account customer via the Point of Sale with National account set a payment mode see FAQ...
    • Option 1: Work order pending for credit value adjustment ( Reservation and packing slip), FAQ ...
    • Option 2: Close the invoice and credit the invoice based on the credit memo value from the supplier, FAQ ...
  • Enter credit note using a negative entry and a distribution to the National Account GL without adding the tax distribution, FAQ ...
National account is a hard concept to understand in the day to day process... so here is the list of transaction that will be generated in GEM-CAR behind the scene. 


GL Range Description

 Description                   GL

 Asset1 000 
 Liabilities2 000  
 Equities3 000  
 Cost of goods4 000  
 Sales5 000 
 Administrative Expenses6 000 

 Initial Purchase

 Description DTCT 
 Tire Purchases (4300)50 000  
 Tax  (1300)  7 500  
 Account Payable (2300)  

57 500 


Note: It might be a good procedure to set this supplier without tax, since you will make one purchase for 100 credit memo without tax.


Standard Sales Transaction

 DescriptionDT  CT
 Goodyear Account National - Payment mode - GL 1211 1 150 
 Tire Sales (5300)  1 000
 Sales Tax  (2300)     150


Note: Every National Account supplier must have is own GL in the active : it's a credit to received.


Credit Memo adjustment

Description DT CT 
 Account Payable (2300)    -1 150
 Goodyear Account National - Payment mode - GL 1211 -1 150   
Note: We are passing the transaction in the auxiliary since tax have already been paid in the initial transaction.... Else you will paid them twice. The credit memo should be non taxable, it's a payment