In the main menu, go to [Configuration > General information],

  • Choose the second tab "General Information",
  • In the section "Shop supplies" (bottom-right), click the spy glass to open the Inventory,
    • If you already have the Shop supplies product (ex: SS), you can skip to the end of that section.
  • Click the {fa-plus-square-o } to create a new product,
  • Enter a Category (ex: 200), a Product code (ex: SS) and a Description (ex: SHOP SUPPLIES),
  • Click the disk {fa-save} to save.

  • Double-click the new product (highlighted blue),

  • Add a percentage % of labour,
  • Add a percentage % of products,
  • Add a Minimum limit for shop supplies,
  • Add a Maximum limit for shop supplies,
  • Add a Margin percentage on the cost for shop supplies,
    • Option added to version 9.2
  • Click on the disk {fa-save} to save.



In the main menu, go to [Customer Management] > [Customer management]

  • Select a customer,
  • Select the tab "Additional Information"
  • Check the option box "Automatically add shop supplies to invoices".
  • Click the disk {fa-disk} to save.

{fa-info-cricle} To activate shop supplies to all customers, contact the Support @ 1-844-909-9800


In the Point of Sale, 

  • Open or create an estimate/work order,
  • Add the shop supplies product code (ex: SS),
  • Save.

  • Go to [Inventory > Product/Job code management],
  • Click on the spyglass and find the job,
  • Activate the option "No shop supplies",
  • Click the disk {fa-save} to save.