GEM-CAR user need to

(1) create an account on PartsTech, (2) set up their suppliers and (3) retrieve their PartsTech username and API key and (4) input the API key and username into GEM-CAR.  I've included instruction on (1),(2) and (3) below, but we will need instruction documentation from your team on (4) "How to set up PartsTech within GEM-CAR.  Can you please provide so our support team can assist any GEM-CAR users in set up?
(1) How to create an account on PartsTech:
(2) How do I change or add suppliers on PartsTech:
(3) How to find my API key on PartsTech:
(4) TO BE PROVIDED BY GEM-CAR - How to set up PartsTech within GEM-CAR via our technical support team 
NOTE: For any other questions, please refer to our knowledge base as a resource for your team and your users: 

Learn more about PartsTech : PARTSTECH catalog integration