Use the Punch Clock module for your technicians and get a payroll report

Purpose of the report: 

  • Bookkeeping / payroll
  • Show accurately worked hours - ideal for payroll information.

From the main menu: "Reports/Performance":

- Select: "Punch window report",
- Select: the technicians and the date range,
- In the options at the bottom, choose "Punch window report",
- Click on the printer. 

It shows Start and End time of each punch. Worked time is converted in decimals with the following formula:
Worked time in minutes/60=worked time in decimals.


Internal jobs are displayed separately.

Please also visit: How to input a payroll transaction at the end of the month

GEM-CAR does not offer a payroll module. However, we work with Safeguard: simple and affordable

For more information about Safeguard: Payroll Software Module : Save Time and Money