GEM-CAR is a mechanical workshop management software designed to save you time and maximize your profits.

GEM-CAR offers:

- Management of Accounts Receivable (Statements of account and Administrative fees),

- Management of Accounts Payable,

- Management of Specific Taxes and Duties,

- Summary and detailed GL transaction reports,

- Management of general ledger codes: GL,

- Reports: sales, purchases & inventory.

GEM-BOOKS offers:

- General ledger transactions,
- Banking reconciliaiton,
- Accounting reports: balance sheets,
- Direct deposit,
- Text and email to pay,

The payroll is now done with GEM-BOOKS.

  • WHY: Performance reports are based on actual data and hours must be paid.
  • YES: You can use the weekly attendance report to produce payroll.


GEM-CAR is compatible with most common accounting software:


If you'd like to use one of the above solutions, you must then use GEM-ACCOUNTING to push the data to your accounting software.


Save money: use a free and simple online basic accounting software: